Friday, December 4, 2009

Mandarine Tossed Salad..

Yes salad.. lol you can pull from anywhere to make a look, remember makeup has no rules. I know nooooo lashes; (.. I just found this picture in the magazine, figured I could pull from it)This is the look I came up with,I do wish i would have added the lashes.. The orange is the manderine, the green is the spinach and lettuce, and the purple is the red onion that you see if you look close @ the picture.. I know I have divas following so leave a comment tell me what you think! I have a twitter as well FlawlessSmooch. also if anyone you know or yourself, for the giving season I will be giving a discount code to my bloggers for $10.00 off a makeup session the code is- merrychristmasnlipgloss ony valid for one makeup session, between the 12/5-12/30th 2009. Next look is something really sweet stay tuned.. and thanks for blogging.
please contact me for price breakdown

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