Saturday, March 6, 2010

Freelance MAC mua

HEY GUYS!!! I have wonderful news.... a lot has been going on with me (good) and I am truly delighted and blessed with the position @ MAC (makeup artist cosmetics) as a freelance makeup artist Yayyyyy God is sooooo good! I interviewed on Monday March first, it was my demo where I had to bring a model in and do there makeup.using Mac products. I did a daytime look and transitioned into night. My sister was my model, she began to cry as the manager said "Brittani go grab your products" of course I asked her why she was crying she said "this is sooo you"
Just an update the launch of the Stepn2 college show launches April 10 I'm so excited.
DREAMS DO COME TRUE WHEN YOU BELIEVE!!!! Its just the beginning

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