Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cookie Jar Photo shoot

We had a ball!!
This was a photo shoot for Kameela's New CD, she has an amazing voice, I heard a song and I was blown away, I was like "whos that?" "Tweet" definatley a under statement because cookie (kameela) can blow..and not just your church blow, her voice has a beautiful harmony, I would definatley listen to it in the beetle "lol" I enjoyed doing her makeup for this shoot. What she didnt know before we met up I thought of possible colors to use, I figured purple would look beautiful with her skin... as you can see it turned out just right and it wasnt planned, I didnt know she was wearing a purple top for the shoot. My cousin Matthew which also I didnt know was an AMAZING photographer took the pictures. He will be shooting my portfolio shoot in December so look for those shots as well.. Matt is sick with the camera LOL and last but not least I cant leave the true star of the show Kendall my little cousin who kept a smile on my face.. Thanks Guys

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  1. Thank You Sooooo Much Cuzzzz That was tooo nice! I'm pretty excited for you, keep it up!